Thermostats have gone way past the stage where they just turn on and off your heating and cooling systems. They have become and are becoming more so, packed with additional features. As with any technological device, think smartphone or computers, it can be a little daunting when you first put your toe in the water.

To help introduce you to programmable and smart thermostats, we have built a comprehensive buying guide explain what different features are and what they do. You can then decide whether it is something that you want or not – helping you zero in on the best thermostat that suits your needs.

To help demystify Smart thermostats and cut through the fluff, we have reviewed and carefully selected the best thermostats across a wide range of features and budgets. We tell you not only what is good about them but also what is not so good.

Among our chosen devices, there will be some very familiar names, but there will also be some that are less familiar. There are also some notable models missing, they did not reach the quality and functionality threshold. All devices have been selected on individual merit.

In addition to our reviews we have included several information sections that will explain some possible problems that could be encountered when changing an old thermostat with a new – and, importantly, what you can do to work round these problems.

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