Honeywell RTH6580WF Wi-Fi Thermostat Review

General Information

The Honeywell RTH6580WF Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat is one of the few Wi-Fi programmable thermostats that actually looks like a thermostat. While many of its competitor models such as the Nest Learning 2nd Generation and the ecobee3 have gone for a sleek, futuristic look, the RTH6580WF retains a more conventional styling. That does not mean that it is not a state of the art wireless programmable thermostat, though, far from it.

As with most other Wi-Fi programmable thermostats, it is compatible with the vast majority of North American heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, but it does needs a ‘C’ (or Common) wire to be able to function correctly which not all systems have. Take a look at our Installation section below for links to some very helpful videos that Honeywell have made showing some easy options for a work around when you don’t have a ‘C’ wire.

Once installed, the thermostat quickly starts to bring you benefits. It has the Honeywell’s Smart Response Technology where the thermostat learns your system and calculates how long it will take to heat or cool your home and adjusts itself automatically. So, if you want to get up to a warm house at 6.00 am, the RTH6580WF will turn your heating on at the right time so at 6.00 am it is at the temperature that you selected.

Through the Wi-Fi, once the thermostat has been registered, it can be adjusted from anywhere in the world, using your PC, your tablet or smartphone. There is an app for both Apple and Android systems. The system will also send you email alerts if the temperatures go above or below preset limits.


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  • Clear, easy to read display – large black characters on a green, backlit background
  • Each day of the week can have different programming if wished, each with as many as 4 separate time periods per day
  • Smart Response Technology – this learns you system to ensure that the temperature you want is there when you want it
  • Controllable from anywhere via a PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Email alerts directly from your thermostat when the temperature exceeds your set limits
  • Real time clock which keeps the time even during power cuts and can automatically change to suit daylight saving times if selected
  • Preset energy saving schedule
  • Suitable for multi-zone, multi-location installation – each thermostat can be adjusted through the same app.
  • Controllable via a PC, or Apple or Android smartphones or tablets
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Although the system does work with iOS 6, it does need to have the initial installation carried out over a PC or an Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Initial set up through the thermostat can be a little tricky, it is far easier to do it through a PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Does not work with Blackberry phones

Honeywell RTH6580WF Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Ease of Use        4.5/5

After the initial installation, the RTH6580WF requires very little input from the user. There is a ‘boost’ button which allows you to over-ride the system either for a limited time period or permanently. If your time of return to your home is altered for any reason, you can remotely change the operating times over a PC, phone or tablet.


Installation        4.6/5

The installation of any programmable Wi-Fi thermostat depends on your initial installation wiring. In common with most of these sophisticated thermostats, you do need to use a ‘C’ wire. If you don’t have one but have a spare wire, Honeywell has a video to guide you through the steps. Alternatively there is a video for an alternative option using the ‘G’ wire.

Programming    4.5/5

By far the easiest way to program your thermostat is through your PC, tablet or smartphone. It can be done through the thermostat using the buttons, but it is a little more awkward.

As you go through the installation procedure you will be asked to input your system type into the device, if you are unsure, Honeywell customer service will talk you through it.

Once the initial programming is complete, the system can be pretty much left to run itself, including switching over to daylight saving time, if you select that option.

All software updates are downloaded and installed automatically.

Energy Saving   4.5/5

Exactly how much energy you save depends on how you currently operate your system. There are, however, a number of built in settings on the thermostat that will help. For example, the Smart Response Technology learns your system so that it will switch your system on at a time that ensure that the temperature is what you want when you want. There are 4 different time periods each day that can be programmed, meaning that you are only heating or cooling when you need to be rather than all day. In some areas of the US and Canada, there are rebates from energy companies when a programmable thermostat is fitted. This needs to be checked out for your particular area.


Bottom Line      4.6/5

The Honeywell RTH6580WF Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat is a very competitively priced programmable Wi-Fi thermostat. It does lack a bit of the stylishness of some of the more expensive models, but it does has many of the features that they have. Installation can be a little time consuming if you need to run some additional power, but that will be the same whichever device you choose. If you have an iPhone, the initial installation can be a bit frustrating, but after that it is very straightforward. These problems do not exist with a PC or Android device. If you are looking for a good value, full feature 7 day programmable Wi-Fi thermostat, and are happy to forego having a futuristic design, then the RTH6580WF is a very good option to consider. We hope you find our HoneywellRTH6580WF programmable thermostat review useful.